Worlds Best, and Least Expensive Mouthwash You Can Make at Home

 1) Supplies: Get some Hydrogen Peroxide 3%. That’s the standard over-the-counter peroxide that you can get in any supermarket or drug or department store. Cost ranges from about 25¢ to 60¢ per pint bottle. Also, if possible, and if you desire to mix it up in batch in advance; get a 1 quart, clean plastic or glass bottle that hasn’t been used to hold anything which you wouldn’t want in your mouth. The lid should be able to contain liquids without leaking. Best is a darkened bottle because peroxide is sensitive to strong light and will break down quicker in a clear bottle.


2) Formula: Mix equal parts of peroxide and water together, ie: one pint peroxide with one pint water. Or, if you prefer to mix it on a daily basis, pour a little peroxide in your rinsing cup and add an equal amount of water.

3) WARNING: DO NOT rinse with straight peroxide. It’s too strong for your gums and the soft tissues in your mouth. It will burn you.

4) For Taste: Some people don’t like the taste of plain peroxide and water even though it doesn’t really have much flavor at all. If you’re one of those folks, you can substitute some of your favorite flavored mouthwash for some of the water. In that case you could mix 1 pint peroxide with ½ pint water and ½ pint of your favorite mouthwash.

5) Rinsing: Rinse with this mixture for 30 seconds and spit it out. Do not swallow it. Make sure that while rinsing you swish it around and between all your teeth. Rinse with plain water after that to get rid of the foam.

6) Advantages: Rinsing with 1½% Peroxide has three main advantages; 1) it kills lots of germs, 2) it will promote strength and healing of your gums and; 3) over a period of time will slowly tend to bleach your teeth whiter and remove some stains.

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