What’s the Best Teeth Whitening Method on the Market?

deep-bleaching-2With all of the advertising, how can you know what the “best teeth whitening method” is? You can find home remedies that boast of miraculous changes and you can find kits that promise results as fast as a single use.

How do you learn to separate the hype from the reality of what product can deliver on their promise? What you should consider is that most methods that you can buy are peroxide based products.

Years ago before peroxide was considered as an ingredient in the best teeth whitening methods, it was used on hair. What people would do is apply the peroxide to their hair and then go sit outside in the sun.

The combination of the peroxide and the sun’s rays would then work to lighten the hair. That’s because peroxide acts as a bleach and everyone knows to associate bleaching something with making it whiter.

So when you’re searching for the best teeth whitening methods, you’ll want to take a look at the product’s ingredients. You’ll want to see how much peroxide is actually in the product. Some products only use 3% peroxide while others use more. You’ll also want to figure up how long you have to use the product in order to see better looking teeth.

However, you won’t find the best teeth whitening method anywhere on the market. That’s because the best teeth whitening method is a proprietary method designed by a dentist who specializes in teeth whitening.

The best teeth whitening method anywhere is called Deep Bleaching. Most dental practices don’t do or even know about Deep Bleaching.

At Gentle Family Dentistry they offer a refined form of Deep Bleaching and can make your teeth Hollywood white.

If you are ready for Hollywood white teeth then call Gentle Family Dentistry to make an appointment for a free evaluation to see if you would be a good candidate for Deep Bleaching.

The best candidates for Deep Bleaching are people who fall into the following categories:
● those with few or no fillings in their front teeth
● those with little or no gum disease
● people who floss daily or at least regularly
● people who see their friendly dental hygienist every 6 months

But, there are many folks outside of that group who will still qualify.

If you want to find out if you qualify for Deep Bleaching call Dr. Locker at Gentle Family Dentistry today and wait no longer for beautiful Hollywood white teeth.

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