The Ups & Downs of Sugar

Tooth Decay

1) Sugar causes Tooth Decay.
2) Sugar suppresses the immune system.
3) Sugar contributes to the reduction of the body’s defense against bacterial infections.
4) Sugar interferes with the body’s absorption of calcium and magnesium.
5) Sugar contributes to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).
6) Sugar leads to anxiety, difficulty concentrating and crankiness in children.
7) Sugar contributes to arthritis.
8) Sugar contributes to asthma.
9) Sugar causes Candida Albicans (yeast) infections.
10) Sugar contributes to the formation of gallstones.
11) Sugar contributes to heart disease.
12) Sugar contributes to higher cholesterol and triglycerides.
13) Sugar contributes to increased systolic blood pressure.
14) Sugar contributes to migraine headaches.
15) Sugar contributes to food allergies.
16) Sugar causes hyperactivity in many children.
17) Sugar increases your risk of Alzheimer’s.
18) Sugar has been implicated in some cases of major organ failure.
19) Sugar causes cancer cells to multiply faster.


Effects of Soda

What happens in the hour after drinking a 12 ounce soda that contains sugar, caffeine, and phosphoric acid? 10 to 12 teaspoons of sugar flood your system in the first 10 minutes. Within 20 minutes, blood sugar spikes, prompting a burst of insulin, which causes your liver to convert sugar into fat. Forty minutes later, the phosphoric acid has bonded with magnesium, calcium, and zinc, which will be eliminated from your body instead of nourishing your body. And at about 60 minutes the inevitable sugar crash makes you feel sluggish and irritated.

Repeated many times the burst of insulin in response to the flood of sugar causes “Insulin Resistance” which is a precursor of Type 2 Diabetes. The sugar in the soda floods the germs in your mouth which consume some of it and excrete acid onto your teeth which causes the enamel to dissolve leading to decay. Worse yet, the phosphoric acid in the soda acts directly to cause tooth enamel to dissolve leading to faster decay.

So, in effect over time regular soda drinking causes one to become a fat, lazy diabetic with rotten or no teeth. Does that sound like something you’d like to become? I didn’t think so.

The Perils of Sugar

One of the most beneficial changes you can make is to get the sugar and refined carbohydrates out of your diet. Our bodies were never designed to handle the obscene amounts of simple carbohydrates they are being subjected to.sugar

Research of late has been confirming what “health nuts” have been stressing for decades: sugar kills. It took a while for scientists to confirm exactly how, but it’s now there for everyone to see.

■ Sugar and simple carbs (refined grains, high-fructose corn syrup, etc.) adversely affect blood lipids, increasing your risk for heart disease and stroke through fat accumulation, metabolic syndrome, obesity, premature aging, and type 2 diabetes.

■ Sugar molecules bond with proteins to create AGEs (advanced glycation endproducts)— which wreak havoc on blood vessels, including those of the heart and kidneys. AGEs are responsible for many of the long-term complications of diabetes.

■ Cancer cells thrive on sugars, particularly fructose.

It has been demonstrated that cancer cells actually metabolize glucose and fructose differently from other cells. While cancer thrives on both, it uses fructose specifically to proliferate. It’s no wonder that cancer has moved quickly up the list of killers in our society since we started adding high-fructose corn syrup to everything from sodas to bread. With such damning and irrefutable research, I still don’t understand why it hasn’t become standard practice to immediately put cancer patients on fructose-free diets to help disrupt cancer growth.

And, since our immune systems are trying to eliminate mutated, potentially cancerous cells on a daily basis, why would we even risk supplying these cells with the very compound they need to survive, grow, and spread within our body? Are soft drinks and high fructose sweetened foods really that hard to eliminate when you realize the cancer connection?

The natural fructose in fruit is nowhere near as damaging to your body as the processed high fructose sweeteners.

See the Glycemic Index Chart below for ideas on healthy eating.

Glycemic Index Chart

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