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5 Reasons to Replace That Old Filling

If you’re like most Americans you probably have at least one filling. And if you’re like most adult Americans that filling is probably made of grey metal amalgam. Amalgam used to be the only option available for dental fillings, meaning anyone over the age of 30 is likely to have at least one of those old black metal fillings!

At Gentle Family Dentistry we don’t use metal amalgam for our fillings anymore. There are far better reasons to use new tooth-colored dental composite fillings so we’ve left amalgam where it belongs: in the dental history books!

Lots of patients wonder if they should replace an old amalgam filling and there are a variety of reasons why it’s a good idea. We’re more than happy to make that dream a reality and get rid of that ugly metal in favor of tooth-colored natural looking dental composite!

#1: They Have A Limited Lifespan

Dental amalgam fillings are generally said to last about ten years. If you’ve had your amalgam filling for longer than a decade it’s time to think about a replacement! Because amalgam doesn’t bond to your teeth it is just packed in like pothole filling. And we are all aware how long pothole filling lasts. That filling tends to wear away over time, leaving you with pockets where bacteria can get in and cause tooth decay where it can’t be seen at all!

If a cavity wears out and decay gets into the tooth you can end up having to get a crown instead of just another filling. Don’t give that amalgam filling time to wear out – get it replaced now!

#2: Amalgam Contains Mercury

While there is no direct evidence that the mercury in dental fillings can be dangerous there’s another factor that should always be considered: your peace of mind! If you’re worried about mercury in your dental fillings then there’s no reason not to remove it to make you feel more comfortable!

When we remove old amalgam fillings we use plenty of suction to ensure that none of the mercury can harm you. Any shavings are instantly picked up via suction.

#3: You Can Eliminate Temperature Sensitivity

What does metal do? It conducts heat and cold really well! A metal filling in your mouth is going to transfer heat and cold straight to your tooth’s roots – you’ve probably felt that before and it isn’t pleasant! In contrast to the conductive nature of dental amalgam our composite won’t transfer heat or cold at all!

Dental composite is made from a mixture of plastic and glass that is formulated to perfectly mimic your natural teeth. It doesn’t conduct temperature and acts just like natural tooth – you probably won’t even realize it’s there!

#4: Composite Is Better For Your Teeth’s Health

Did you know your teeth actually flex when you chew? It might not be visible but your teeth are able to distribute force by flexing ever so slightly. Amalgam doesn’t have this ability – those fillings are solid and immovable. When a tooth with a filling gives under force the amalgam doesn’t, causing an uneven distribution of force that can damage the natural portions of the tooth and cause cracks and even tooth fracture!

Dental composite is formulated to give and bend with your teeth. It distributes force evenly and behaves just like natural tooth – you won’t have to worry about microfractures at all!

#5: Composite Bonds To Teeth

Amalgam fillings are just shoved into place, and as we discussed before there is no attachment of filling to tooth! Composite fillings are designed to bond directly to the tooth. When they’re placed you’ll never have to worry about lost fillings and secondary tooth decay!

Dental composite is also able to do the same job as amalgam while being smaller. While this doesn’t matter for a replacement you can rest easy knowing that future fillings will always be as small as they can be! Amalgam has to be larger so it holds better – not a problem for dental composite!

#6: And Those Old Fillings Are Just Ugly!

As if you needed another reason to get rid of an old amalgam filling that’s one more – they’re ugly! We’d love to help you better restore, protect, and show off your smile with our tooth-colored composite fillings – all it takes is a call to our Duncansville dentist office!

Call us today at 814-693-6777 or request an appointment using our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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