Soy Is like Steroids for Breast Tumors


Today’s vegetarian extremists should hightail it out of the health industry, and stick to what they’re REALLY good at — making bumper stickers.

Yet ANOTHER study is proving that a disgusting “food” they’ve been forcing down our throats for years is little more than a mouthful of murder.

Researchers from Memorial Sloan Kettering have shown that your soy-laced tofu salad might not just be leaving you hungrier than a hibernating bear. It turns out that tasteless garbage is practically STEROIDS for breast tumors too!

Women with early-stage breast cancer spent only TWO WEEKS taking a daily soy supplement, but it may have given them a permanent vacation from good health. Just 14 days of soy was all it took to activate a key gene that’s been linked to tumor growth and aggressive cancer.

You see, soy is loaded with chemicals that mimic estrogen in your body and can act like rocket fuel for existing tumors — even tumors that should NEVER have been dangerous in the first place.

SoyThat’s right, despite all the health-food hype, soy isn’t saving the world — but it may be making it a lot less crowded.

No doubt this news won’t stop the vegan crowd from continuing to sling soy like it’s manna from heaven. After all, this isn’t the first time research has proven that soy is bad for your health.

Soy has already been linked to dementia, and research has revealed it can even turn fellas from studs to duds in the sack. A major Harvard study found that eating just ONE SERVING OF SOY PER DAY can cut your sperm count in half!

That means that vegans are going to have an awfully hard time reproducing. 

If you kicked the soy habit years ago, you still may be at risk. Soy is used as cheap filler in many of the processed and packaged Frankenfoods you’ll find at your local supermarket. Even your favorite cookies and crackers could be loaded up with hidden dangerous levels of soy!

Ditch the soy silliness for good before you eat your way straight to the grave. Stick to a fresh foods, low-carb meat-and-veggie diet — and maybe we can start printing our own bumper stickers to set the veg-heads straight for good.

I was thinking of starting with “Meat Me For a Steak.”

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