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Sobe Lifewater

For many years now I have been telling people to get off the sugar. Sugar is poisonous enough to cause major organ damage over time and to cause the total destruction of your teeth over time. Sugar’s historical replacement however, is just as bad, although it doesn’t rot your teeth. I’m talking about aspartame here.

So, for a long time, it seemed that people had one of 3 choices. The safest being unsweetened drinks like unsweetened iced tea or plain water. Then there was the sugared drinks which would eventually cause you to become sickly with rotted teeth. We call that Mountain Dew mouth. Then there were the drinks that people consumed because they knew sugar was bad for them that were sweetened with aspartame. What they didn’t know is that aspartame is also poisonous.

When bottled water became popular many people started drinking that, and that is perfectly okay as long as you know where your water is coming from. If you’re paying over a dollar for 20 ounce bottle of tap water that doesn’t sound fair at all. So companies began releasing flavored water. And of course, “no one’s going to buy flavored water unless we sweeten it 1st”. So those same companies decided to add sugar, aspartame or saccharine. In effect, they took a perfectly good healthy substance, water, and poisoned it.

Sobe Lifewater 4Well, kudos to the Pepsi bottling company for coming out with Sobe Lifewater. The Sobe Lifewater bottles that have the white label on top that say 0 cal are sweetened with a combination of Stevia and erythritol. Both Stevia and erythritol are natural healthy sweeteners that do not cause any damage whatsoever to any part of your body. That same combination of Stevia and erythritol is also packaged in granular form as Truvia. And it now comes in single use packets or bulk form.

But now back to Sobe Lifewater. Most of us from teenagers on up have grown up addicted to sugar. So we like our sweets. That is exactly what makes Sobe Lifewater so good. It’s very sweet yet safe and tasty. Also, because of the combination of natural flavors and erythritol there is absolutely no aftertaste from the Stevia which some people claim they can taste from plain Stevia or products sweetened only with Stevia.

Sobe LifewaterThose are the health advantages to drinking Sobe Lifewater, but only the ones with the 0 cal white label. But it gets better. You can buy Sobe Lifewater in any of the large stores like Walmart, Costco, Kmart, etc. for only $1 per 20 ounce bottle. If you’re a Sam’s Club member you can get a case of 12 bottles for $10. That’s only $.83 a bottle. In most places you can’t even buy bottled tap water for that price.

In my professional opinion you have 2 healthy choices for your drinks. If you don’t like sweet drinks then drink steam distilled water. If you do like your drinks sweet then switch yourself and your family to Sobe Lifewater. It is also fortified with vitamins and minerals. And I guarantee the kids will love it, especially if you don’t tell them it’s good for them.

So go pick some up now and start having some good dental checkups. Without all that sugar and aspartame in your body you probably will even feel better.

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