Skin Support with Chia


26 Health Solutions Under $25

15. Skin Support with Chia

Many of us tend to manage our daily lives by ‘running around putting out fires’. What I mean by that is that so many of us don’t take ‘preventive care’ of things. These things include our cars, our homes, our bodies, our health, our teeth and gums.

Then, when the results of that inattention show up, it’s often as a problem that’s expensive to fix,  requiring much more money and effort than all the maintenance would have.

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Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are an essential component of supple, healthy skin, and chia seed is about the most cost-effective source of EFAs available.

You don’t even need to grind it before use the way you do with flaxseed; just sprinkle two tablespoons a day on cereal or a salad, or mix it in with yogurt or juice.

Chia seed is available from sources such as Sam’s Club.

Your cost: $6 per month

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