Are You Right for a Smile Makeover?

Your smile tells your story. In fact, it’s written right on your teeth! Are your teeth perfectly straight, white, and shiny?

Or are your teeth: Crooked, Cracked, Missing, Discolored or Dull

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if your teeth aren’t perfect. It’s never too late to do something about it! We understand that to become the person you are, certain things had to come second. For you (and many other people not just here in Duncansville, PA but all over Central Pennsylvania and the rest of the US) that secondary priority was your smile and your teeth.

Am I Right For A Smile Makeover?

Today, you’re a person:

Who is willing to pay for a smile makeover
Who is able to pay for a smile makeover
Who is capable of making the commitment to the smile makeover process

But your teeth don’t tell that story. If anything, your teeth tell the story of where you’ve been, not where you are today, and certainly not where you’re going. It’s time to change that!

Isn’t a Smile Makeover a Luxury Item?

Many people consider smile makeovers something of a luxury item, a purely cosmetic improvement. This is true! Not everyone can afford a smile makeover, and they certainly aren’t for everyone. We’d like to add one more to that list of descriptors: an investment. A smile makeover isn’t just about getting a “better look”.

Study after study has proved that your smile has a major impact on how people see you, judge you, and interact with you. That directly impacts your success in social situations, from weddings to business meetings.

A smile makeover isn’t entirely cosmetic, either. Teeth that are in bad shape are unhealthy. While the goal of a smile makeover sounds superficial, depending on your oral health needs your actual makeover will include several procedures that specifically address the health of your teeth.

What Happens During a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover isn’t a single procedure, and it can’t be done in a single appointment. That’s why we mentioned commitment earlier. You have to be willing to take the time, in our office and at home, to improving your smile!

What actually happens is up to you and your dentist. However, all smile makeovers begin with an evaluation by your dentist to determine if your teeth are healthy enough to undergo the required procedures. You and your dentist will work together to identify what your needs are: what are the goals for your smile? You’ll have a conversation about what needs to be improved and what you are willing to do. As we said before, a smile makeover isn’t a single procedure.

Think of it as a plan, with different parts playing different roles, with a common goal: a better, brighter, more vibrant smile, and a better you!

What Do I Need to Think about and What Decisions Will I Need to Make?

A smile makeover is different from a lot of dental procedures you may have had in the past, where the primary goal is to get your teeth healthy. Prior to any cosmetic work, your dentist will treat your teeth for any infections or any other dental problems so that your teeth are healthy first.

For a smile makeover, your dentist will take into account things you wouldn’t expect. In addition to your teeth and gums, your facial appearance, including your skin tone, the color of your hair, and your lips will play a role in the recommendations your dentist makes.

It’s your job to think about what you want from your smile makeover; it’s not enough just to say a better smile! What specific parts of your smile do you find most displeasing? Your dentist will want to review these items with you to help you make the best plan for you.

The color of your teeth:

Your dentist will take into account your skin tone, your hair color, and a number of other variables that make up a person’s look. While it might be tempting to request “blinding” white teeth from your dentist, remember that if your teeth are too white, either for your age or your look, your teeth won’t look natural, and this will diminish the overall effect of your enhanced smile. The services we offer for improving the color of teeth includes composite fillings (tooth colored, as opposed to old fashioned “silver” fillings), and deep bleaching (to remove difficult stains and improve your teeth’s ability to resist staining).


If your teeth are crooked, or if there is a significant gap that has always been a source of embarrassment, you and your dentist will talk about orthodontics options, such as Invisalign. Invisalign allows you to straighten your smile without unsightly and uncomfortable wires and brackets!

Missing Teeth:

Missing teeth not only look bad, they can have a negative impact on your bite, which can influence the overall shape and look of your face. Bridges, full dentures (and partials) and more will be your options.

Make an appointment now!

There is a lot to think about, and while it’s never too late to take the necessary steps to improve your smile, why wait?

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