Multiple Sclerosis Natural Relief

Imagine watching a woman who had been suffering from multiple sclerosis for many years––and who had previously needed a walker to help her get around––get up and walk several times around a room, without any help, at good speed and with no balance problems. Imagine listening to her say she’s sleeping better, her energy is much improved, and that she’s able to think more clearly. Imagine hearing another woman, even more severely afflicted, report that she’s able to feed herself again and that her friends and relatives had all noticed her speech is easier to understand. It sounds amazing, I know––and it was even more amazing to watch firsthand. But I saw these things happen as a result of treatment with an amino-acid derivative called Procarin.

Procarin is actually a histamine that is combined with another natural amino acid. It’s not known exactly how Procarin works. One theory is that it may reverse the blood vessel spasms associated with MS, restoring normal blood flow to the affected tissue. In the research we’ve compiled at the Tahoma Clinic, 67 percent of patients being treated with Procarin report at least one significant improvement in symptoms, and some many more. Procarin is available as a skin patch, and can be obtained by prescription from any compounding pharmacy. To find a compounding pharmacy near you, contact the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists at (281)933-8400. Physicians familiar with Procarin and able to prescribe it (if appropriate) can be found through the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) at (800)532-3688 or (949)583-7666.

Another frequently helpful treatment for patients suffering from multiple sclerosis is called calcium aminoethylphosphate, or CaAEP. This treatment was introduced by Dr. Hans Nieper of Germany, a pioneer in natural medicine. Since then, CaAEP has become one of the few substances to cause clinical improvement in the majority of those patients who have taken it. CaAEP is an injectable supplement, available through “natural medicine” physicians. The chemical works by protecting the integrity of cell membranes, sealing them off from autoimmune complexes but still permitting nutrients to enter. Of the 293 individuals surveyed who tried the intravenous CaAEP, 235 noticed improvement on an average of 13 out of the 36 possible symptoms listed on the survey. The American College for Advancement in Medicine can also help you locate a physician in your area who can tell you more about CaAEP.

Procarin and CaAEP are innovations that offer victims of MS a ray of hope for what was previously believed to be an inevitably deteriorating condition. The use of these two treatments gives us not only a revival of hope, but a much improved chance of making very real improvements in the symptoms of individuals suffering from multiple sclerosis.

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