Immune Support With Sunshine

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It’s expensive to be poor. That means that truly poor people seldom feel that they have the means to take good, preventive care of things, their cars, their homes, their bodies. Then, when the results of that inattention show up, it’s often as a problem that’s expensive to fix, requiring much more money and effort than all the maintenance would have.

When it comes to your health, you simply can’t afford to take that attitude. If your car falls apart, it’s possible to get a replacement. But when your body goes, there’s no second chance. That’s why I’ve offered solutions that anyone can fit into their budget, no matter how tight.

1. Immune support with sunshine. Routine exposure to sunlight helps your body generate vitamin D in your skin. It really doesn’t require that much exposure to reap the benefits; one 20-minute full-body exposure to the summer sun will result in putting 20,000 IU into the body within 48 hours. However, if you’re dark-skinned, older, obese, a vegetarian, or using sunscreen, sun block, or cholesterol-lowering drugs, you’ll probably get far less than 20,000 IU. And during the wintertime, you’ll need to add a vitamin D3 supplement available at Sam’s Club or Walmart. Your cost: Free