Edema Relief with Lymphatic Massage

Edema Relief with Lymphatic Massage

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#6 Edema Relief with Lymphatic Massage

Edema, or swelling of tissues, is often caused by an accumulation of lymphatic fluid, part of your body’s “waste-disposal” system that helps get rid of cellular debris and metabolic byproducts.

And because lymphatic fluid isn’t circulated through your body by a pump the way blood is, it occasionally needs some help to stay moving.

Lymphatic vessels are generally close to the skin, so lymphatic massage can get the lymphatic fluid moving and reduce edema fast.

Begin on the affected limb close to your heart (in your armpit or groin). Using two fingers, massage very gently in small circles for a moment.

Then move about four inches along the limb, and repeat. Continue until you’ve reached the wrist or ankle.

You’ll notice results within just a couple days.

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