Depression Relief with Exercise


26 Health Solutions Under $25

#3 Depression Relief with Exercise

It’s expensive to be poor. That means that truly poor people seldom feel that they have the means to take good, preventive care of things, their cars, their homes, their bodies. Then, when the results of that inattention show up, it’s often as a problem that’s expensive to fix,  requiring much more money and effort than all the maintenance would have. Keep checking back for more FREE health tips that you can use to avoid rushing to the doctor or ER every time there’s a problem. And they are very inexpensive or free.

The quickest and easiest way to relieve the symptoms of depression is through daily exercise.

Numerous studies have documented the boost in serotonin levels from increased activity. The production of the compound continues for several days after the activity.

Exercise is truly the “poor man’s antidepressant.” You don’t need to go overboard; just 20 minutes of vigorous movement a day will lift your mood, along with all the other benefits you get from regular activity.

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