Are Your Dentures Making You Sick?

Your dentures have been an ally in eating, drinking, smiling, and socializing for as long as you’ve had them. They might not always be your favorite thing in the world but they’ve probably done great things for your happiness in the long run!

If you’ve been wearing your dentures for a long time you’ve probably become pretty used to them. For many people this is just a transition into getting used to caring for them. For others it becomes a loosening of cleaning, care, and maintenance standards!

At Gentle Family Dentistry we care for a lot of patients with dentures and we want you to know how to take care of them! Even worse, your dentures could be making you seriously ill without the proper care!

How Can Dentures Cause Illness?

Dentures, just like your teeth, end up covered in plaque throughout the course of the day. By the time you get ready for bed in the evening they’re just crawling with bacteria. Some of that bacteria is bad for you – your dentures might not be at risk for decay but that bacteria can still cause problems for you!

One of the most common problems that denture wearers report is irritation to the gums. This is actually due to bacteria that attacks and irritates them when your dentures press against your gums! Clean dentures are more comfortable and less likely to result in irritation.

The biggest concern for the health of denture wearers comes in the form of slightly more dangerous bacteria. Your dentures have a lot of different strains of bacteria on them and some can actually cause conditions like MRSA and pneumonia, a hard to treat lung condition!

Denture wearers end up with problems due to inhaling these bacterias right off their dentures! It’s a common problem for denture wearers and if you sleep with your dentures in your are putting yourself even more at risk, and also causing your gums to flatten twice as fast.

The illnesses caused by dentures are even worse for older people who have weakened immune systems. You should make sure you take good care of your dentures so they can take good care of you!

Preventing Denture-Related Illnesses

The key to preventing pneumonia, MRSA, and other denture-related illnesses is simple: you have to keep them clean! Cleanliness can be complicated when it comes to dentures but it’s an essential part of living healthy in your later years.

● Rinse off your dentures every time you eat. It’s important to get food particles out of them to prevent plaque buildup. When you rinse off your dentures be sure to rinse your mouth out too. If you have access to mouthwash that’s the preferred method. If not water will still work just fine.

● Your dentures need to be thoroughly brushed at least once a day. Make sure you brush them using a special denture brush. Those are specially designed to clean dentures with harder bristles and differently shaped heads. You should also use specially-formulated denture toothpaste. It’s tougher and stronger to really get those bacteria out!

● When you clean your dentures you should also brush your mouth! Just because you don’t have any natural teeth left doesn’t mean your oral health can be ignored! Use a soft toothbrush to scrub your gums and rinse thoroughly when you’re done.

Never sleep in your dentures! They should always be removed at the end of the night. Place them in a glass to soak.

●  You can use denture soaking solution to ensure they get even cleaner. Denture solution can give you an extra boost of bacteria-fighting power so you know you’re putting a clean set in the next day!

● Always rinse your dentures before you put them back in your mouth. Soaking solutions shouldn’t be ingested!

● It’s also important to see us at Gentle Family Dentistry for regular exams. Even though you might not have your natural teeth anymore we still want to be able to keep an eye on your oral health! The shape of your gums also changes over time and can make your dentures not fit as well. We’ll be more than happy to adjust your dentures when you come to our Duncansville dentist office!

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