A Dental Visit You Don’t Have to Fear

A fear of the dental office is a completely common, normal, and popular feeling. Research estimates that about 10-20% of the population avoids the dentist altogether out of fear. The problem, of course, is that avoiding the dentist means setting yourself up for poor oral health, which can in turn affect your overall health.

Dentists have been looking for ways to make patients feel more comfortable. We have big, cushioned chairs, televisions in patient rooms, and nice soft music. We understand the importance of hiring kind, gentle hygienists, and we have found ways to make your appointment time more comfortable.

Still, there are some patients who are just so terrified that they cannot even pick up the phone. For those patients who walk into our Duncansville, PA, dentist office, we have another option: dental sedation.

Fear Comes From Many Things

Your fear of the dentist has been driven by something in your past. No one is born afraid of the dentist. In fact, most of us are taught that a dentist is simply a doctor who is there to help you have a healthier mouth. However, the following situations are things that will alter your perception of the dentist and cause fear.

Past Experiences – It is true that some people are recovering from legitimately terrifying experiences at the dental office. All we can say is that we are sorry your past dentist was not as gentle as they could have been.

Family Stories – When we don’t know something, we rely on other people’s experiences to know how we should react. If you’ve heard lots of family stories about a terrifying dentist or a horrible dental experience, you are more likely to take that fear as your own.

Hollywood – Hollywood has done the dental world no favors by including horrible dental scenes in many movies and television shows. Even if they are jokes about a dentist, they usually imply that going to the dentist should be terrifying.

Don’t Allow Fear to Ruin Your Oral Health

Here’s the bottom line: we understand your fear, but we know that your smile’s health is worth too much to let you sit at home afraid to come in! That’s why we are working so hard to help you get to the office. Gum disease is linked with serious health implications like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Don’t let a little fear put you at risk for these very serious conditions!

Find a Sedation Option that Works!

We offer dental sedation here at Gentle Family Dentistry. Sedation is a medicine that allows you to relax completely while you are in our chair. The medicine makes you feel like you don’t really care what’s going on around you. In other words, it takes away the anxiety and fear and allows you to just experience the dental appointment that is truly pain-free.

Nitrous Oxide Gas – The most commonly used sedation in offices around the world is nitrous oxide gas. Nitrous oxide is breathed through a mask over your nose. It will help you relax within minutes, and the effects wear off within minutes after you stop breathing it in. It is great for patients who have a mild fear of the dentist or those who are undergoing limited dental work and need to return to their job soon after the appointment.

Conscious Sedation – Nitrous oxide isn’t strong enough for everyone. For those patients, we recommend conscious sedation. This is a prescription pill that you can take two hours before your appointment. Your body will be relaxed before you even come into the office (you will need to ask someone to bring you to and from the office). We will complete your work and send you home to sleep off the medication. The sedative we use is also an amnesiac, which means you will not have a memory of your work being done!

Overcome Your Fear with Time and Trust

Within a few appointments, you will begin to realize that you are experiencing pain-free dentistry. You have no reason to feel afraid, and you will not need the sedation any longer. We love seeing patients build that trust with us until eventually, they don’t even mention a sedation option!

Learn More When You Call Today!

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