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Diseases Connected to Mercury Fillings

by Jonathan Landsman and Dr. David Kennedy

Editor’s Note: I am sharing this article simply because there are a number of patients who inquire about the potential dangers of mercury amalgam fillings. I do not necessarily agree with everything in this article but leave it up to you to decide for yourself how you feel about the issue. I personally have not placed any amalgam fillings in over 14 years.

Jonathan Landsman and Dr. David Kennedy, an outspoken and intelligent critic of conventional dentistry reveals the scientific proof about how mercury-based “silver” fillings cause many of the most serious health conditions of our time. If you or someone you love has mercury fillings – in the mouth – I urge you to take the time and watch this video – now.

In fact, Dr. Kennedy makes one of the boldest comments I’ve ever heard about the dangers of mercury toward the end of the video. I’m sure you’ll agree — Dr. Kennedy is a blessing to humanity for his tireless efforts.

Here are a few facts about mercury amalgam fillings:

1. Causes Damage to Brain in Children
In February, 1998, a group of the world’s top mercury researchers announced that mercury from amalgam fillings can permanently damage the brain, kidneys, and immune system of children.

2. Amalgam Fillings Linked to Neurological Problems, Gastrointestinal Problems
The first large-scale epidemiological study of mercury and adverse reactions was recently completed and showed that of the symptoms looked at, there was a link seen to gastrointestinal problems, sleep disturbances, concentration problems, memory disturbances, lack of initiative, restlessness, bleeding gums and other mouth disorders.

3. Mercury / Alzheimer’s Disease Connection Found
A study related to mercury and Alzheimer’s Disease was recently completed by a team of scientists led by well-respected researcher Dr. Boyd Haley. They exposed rats to levels of mercury vapor diluted to account for size differences between humans and rats. The rats developed tissue damage “indistinguishable” from that of Alzheimer’s Disease. Repeating the experiment showed the same results. Dr. Haley is quoted as saying “I’m getting the rest of my fillings taken out right now, and I’ve asked my wife to have hers replaced too.” Also see:

4. Amalgam Fillings Since 1970s Unstable
The type of mercury fillings that began to be used during the last couple of decades, non-gamma-2 (high copper), releases many times more mercury than the older style of amalgam fillings. Also, please see the article on the instability of dental amalgam fillings by Ulf Bengsston.

5. Amalgam Fillings Release Highly Toxic Elemental Mercury
Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known. The mercury release from fillings is absorbed primarily as highly toxic elemental mercury vapor.

6. Amalgam Fillings Largest Source of Mercury By Far
Based on a number of studies in Sweden, the World Health Organization review of inorganic mercury in 1991 determined that mercury absorption is estimated to be approximately four times higher from amalgam fillings than from fish consumption. Recent studies have confirmed this estimate. The amount absorbed can vary considerably from person to person (source).


Associate/Buyer Wanted

Associate/Buyer Opportunity

Over the years people have asked me, why I would want to live in the country and have my practice there.

For me the decision was pretty simple and had less to do with the money that could be made then it did with the comfort, safety and lifestyle that country living could afford.

My name is Neal H. Locker DMD. I spent the 1st 30 years of my life in Passaic, New Jersey. That’s where I grew up and commuted to Rutgers University at Newark and also to Rutgers Dental School in Newark, which is where I met my wife.

I got used to living in the city and didn’t really mind it because I had no idea what country living was like. But once we started having children my wife and I decided we didn’t want our kids growing up in the city and being exposed to the crime, pollution, traffic and sometimes bad attitudes of the people on the streets and in the malls. Of course, that was a personal decision that was made for the sake of our children.

We made friends with folks in western Central Pennsylvania and decided to go out there and see what it was like. We instantly fell in love with the beautiful, quiet, serene and friendly settings that we found here.

But I questioned whether I would be able to make a substantial living out here in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. It didn’t take me long to find out what a gold mine this area is for dentistry. The area is definitely not loaded with dentists and many of those like myself are getting older and looking to retire. So there are plenty of patients to go around.

Our Patterson dental rep told us that the average new patient numbers for a small one dentist practice like mine should be about 8 to 12 new patients per month. We average over 35 and in August 2017 we had 83 new patients.

I lease an office space of about 2000 ft.² in a small strip mall on a busy street. I have a good landlord who has told me he would prefer to have that space remain as a dental office. Over the years we have expanded to 5 operatories which are often all filled at the same time. I have 2 full-time hygienists, 2 assistants with one being an EFDA, 2 front desk personnel and an office manager. Most of my staff has been with me for many years and they are all friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to the success of my practice.

Production averages over $1 million a year and I have enjoyed a very comfortable living for many years. I work my practice 3 days a week, which is all I really want to work, and we have plenty of patients to go around.

What I would like to do, and everything is negotiable, is to find a highly technically qualified young dentist with a great attitude and a love for people. You could work for me as an associate for 1, 2 or 3 years until you feel comfortable enough to run your own practice. At that point, you could buy me out over a ten-year period making monthly payments directly to me from practice profits. That way you would not have to apply to a bank for a big loan. I might even be willing to stick around for a while as a consultant.

My staff is highly trained and highly motivated. And they are all willing to continue with the practice with the right new dentist. They are so well-trained and so into what they do that my practice basically runs itself. And I am living the dream.

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Here’s to your successful comfortable future as an amazing dentist who loves doing what they do.
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Neal H. Locker DMD