Arthritis Relief with PVC Pipe

Health Solutions #2 of 26 Under $25

2. Arthritis Relief with PVC Pipe

It’s expensive to be poor. That means that truly poor people seldom feel that they have the means to take good, preventive care of things, their cars, their homes, their bodies. Then, when the results of that inattention show up, it’s often as a problem that’s expensive to fix,  requiring much more money and effort than all the maintenance would have. Keep checking back to Read about 26 things to keep you healthy that are very inexpensive or free.

Every cell in your body has both a positive and a negative charge. An imbalance leads to malfunction and varying degrees of disease. Overactivity in an area, as occurs with inflammation, creates a positive electrical charge.

You can create a negative charge by rubbing a piece of fuzzy material (found in craft stores, or as scraps) briskly along a short length of PVC pipe (available in hardware stores, or as free scrap from a friendly plumber).

To treat an arthritic joint, move the charged PVC pipe slowly back and forth over the area, keeping it about a half-inch to an inch or so from the surface of the skin. After three or four passes, recharge the pipe by rubbing it against the material again. (If you happen to touch the pipe to your skin or other object in the process, you won’t get a shock, but you will need to recharge it again at that time.)

Keep repeating the process until you feel relief. Most people begin to feel a noticeable improvement within five to seven minutes. Your cost: Free