Arthritis Relief with Bone Broth


Not surprisingly, bones and cartilage from animals contain nutrients similar to those used in your own body’s bones and cartilage.

Getting more of those nutrients provides support for your joints and ligaments. The simplest way to get those nutrients for yourself is to make a delicious, nutritious bone broth.

Use leftover bones from a ham, steaks, or roast chicken or turkey. Begin by soaking the bones in water with a couple tablespoons of added vinegar or lemon juice for half an hour. (Be sure to use a glass or ceramic bowl for this, so the acid doesn’t leach metal.)

Then follow the recipe in any good cookbook for making broth. Be sure to simmer for 6–8 hours, to extract all the goodness from the bones. Add your favorite vegetables toward the end of the cooking time.

Your cost: $5 per batch for vegetables.

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