A Healthy, Radiant Smile Can Be Yours for Life

Get the Smile of a Lifetime for Life with Gentle Family Dentistry’s Endless Whitening Deep Bleaching Program.

For over 15 years Gentle Family Dentistry has been providing the best, most high tech teeth whitening system called Deep Bleaching. The whitening results we have achieved have been nothing less than stunning. However, we have noticed a few minor drawbacks with our old Deep Bleaching system.

These minor drawbacks have been primarily limited to:
1) possible teeth sensitivity in some cases severe enough to impact compliance
2) minor fade back in brightness over time
3) cost

Dr. Locker is always on the lookout for the newest, most useful and most reliable technology to improve the way we help our patients succeed in getting and maintaining strong, beautiful, healthy teeth and gums while limiting discomfort and inconvenience.

Recently we have upgraded our Deep Bleaching program with a brand-new system.

Gentle Family Dentistry’s new Deep Bleaching program has all but eliminated the minor drawbacks in the original system.
1) our new system has eliminated 95% or more of the teeth sensitivity during treatment
2) we now offer our Endless Whitening Program which will enable you to maintain dazzling white teeth for a lifetime at no additional cost.
3) we are now offering our Endless Whitening Deep Bleaching Program for 59% off the original price of our old Deep Bleaching Program.

The new system is at least as effective as the old one. But at a greatly reduced cost and also instead of 2 – two-hour in office visits separated by 2 weeks of nightly conditioning at home we can now accomplish the same goal with 1 – 1½ hour in office visit followed by 2 weeks of nightly conditioning at home.

In order to be a candidate for Gentle Family Dentistry’s Deep Bleaching Program, you must meet certain requirements.
1) you must have few or no fillings or crowns in your front teeth.
2) if you have fillings or crowns in your front teeth you should be prepared to have them replaced after bleaching to match your new color.
3) you must be free of gum disease
4) you must be a daily flosser and maintain plaque free teeth and healthy gums.
5) before bleaching you must have all necessary dental work completed to minimize risk to carious or unhealthy teeth.

The Endless Whitening Program is a great way to keep your smile looking its brightest for years to come. As long as you keep your regular hygiene appointments (as recommended), we’ll give you free whitening refills — for life.

How do I join?

First, consult with your dental professionals at Gentle Family Dentistry to see if you are a whitening candidate. Then, purchase a Deep Bleaching procedure to join the program.

What if I have already done Deep Bleaching at Gentle Family Dentistry prior to the roll out of the Endless Whitening Deep Bleaching Program?

You may be grand fathered into the program if you comply with the requirements of the program.

How does it work?

Once you enroll, be sure to maintain your regular hygiene appointments as prescribed by your dental professional, and we’ll give you a free whitening syringe after each appointment.

What is the cost?

You are required to purchase an initial whitening treatment, including custom-made whitening trays. After that, there is no additional cost for the ongoing touch-up syringes.

What if I miss my appointment?

If you miss a regularly scheduled appointment, your membership will be cancelled. To re-enroll, you will have to pay an additional fee of $100.

Call us at Gentle Family Dentistry today to schedule your hygiene appointment or to request more information about Gentle Family Dentistry’s Endless Whitening Deep Bleaching Program.

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