3 Surprising Benefits of Invisalign

Straightening your smile can seem like a problem that can’t be beat, especially if you’re already an adult with a career – you don’t have time for braces or the “metal mouth” that comes with them! You may have heard of Invisalign, which is a great way to get a straight smile without the brackets and wires, but what’s so great about it?

Sure, it’s invisible, but what else is good about it? If you’re desperate for a solution to a smile you hate you’ve probably found yourself scouring the internet for answers to questions like that. You want a new smile, but what are you willing to compromise on?

At Gentle Family Dentistry we provide Invisalign to a lot of patients and we’re confident you’ll love the results and the treatment itself. There are a lot of obvious reasons why Invisalign is great, but it isn’t just those that make it great. It’s the not-so-obvious reasons as well!

Life, Uninterrupted

When it comes to living your day-to-day life there are two issues you’ve probably thought about when it comes to your teeth. Do you deal with how much you dislike your smile, or do you deal with the hassle of braces? Not only do you have to live life with metal strapped to your mouth, you also have to deal with the diet restrictions, cleaning hassles, and discomfort that come with it!

With Invisalign you don’t have to deal with any of that. You wear your clear aligners 22 hours out of the day, which leaves you two hours to eat your meals and have the occasional snack. The beauty of being able to take out your Invisalign aligners whenever you want is that you can eat without trouble, restriction, or mess. And you don’t have to deal with any change in your oral care habits! Simply floss and brush daily and you’re all set.

Have You Thought About A Diet?

There’s a surprising benefit to Invisalign that studies have just recently started to take notice of: patients often lose weight! It’s obvious why if you think about it for a few seconds: you can’t eat when the aligners are in, you can only take them out for a couple hours a day, and that leaves a whole lot of time in which you just aren’t snacking.

Many patients have said that the change from constant snacking to 3 square meals was almost instant, and mostly subconscious. They simply changed the way they ate from day one because they had to. If you’ve considered a diet, or want to combine your new smile with a whole new you, then this is a great benefit of getting Invisalign!

With treatment lasting about a year on average you’ll have plenty of time to start losing weight and even start up a good, solid fitness routine. Who knows – Invisalign could completely transform your life. You may not even be able to predict what you’ll be like a year from now!

Treatment Doesn’t Just Straighten Teeth

A lot of people think of Invisalign as just a cosmetic treatment. After all, it takes less time, seems less intense than braces, is usually less expensive than traditional braces, and is so low-impact on your life that it must be less effective, right? Wrong! Invisalign is actually great at not just correcting smiles, but also treating the conditions that come along with a bad bite.

It’s incredibly common for crooked teeth to also lead to a misaligned bite. Treating your smile properly isn’t just a matter of straightening your teeth, but also taking the time to examine the function of your jaw and your bite so we know if we need to correct that too. With Invisalign you’ll find yourself relieved of jaw pain, discomfort, uneven tooth wear, and other conditions caused by a bad bite.

Don’t Wait: Get Invisalign Today!

You don’t need to put up with braces to get a great smile as an adult. In fact, you don’t even need to change your lifestyle or let anyone know at all! Invisalign is the perfect way to rejuvenate your smile, and we’re sure we can get you the look you’ve always wanted at our Duncansville dentist office.

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